Get into the story

Massively is an amazingly powerful, fun and simple to use storytelling experience that involves the audience. We make it easy to write interactive stories and for the audience to actually enter the story. See what we're up to on our blog!

How it works

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Download the App

Use the links above to download the app for iOS and Android. Simple enough, right? Sorry Windows and BlackBerry users, Massively is not yet available for your phone.

Play Stories

Explore the store and choose a story. You'll find tons of stories with new ones published all the time. Comedy, mystery, romance,'ll be surprised at what kind of stories you'll find! Most stories are free to play but some require Massively Credits.

Create Your Own Stories

Put your creative talents to the test! You can easily write your own interactive story and publish it to the Massively store...anyone can create a playable story. Don't want the world to see it? Publish it to your private channel and invite only your friends to play. Check it out!